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Retributive Justice

by Edward Brower




                Ty Montgomery’s beautiful 22-year-old daughter Karen has been robbed of her human ova. She has been drugged, raped, and laid out on a table in some mysterious location for an involuntary surgical procedure that has left her unable to have children of her own. Karen has a four-day gap in her memory over a period that she was supposedly in Atlanta enjoying the company of a new beau named Michael Jenkins. She also has a fresh incision scar beneath her navel. But she remembers nothing after arriving at the airport to board Michael’s private jet, except that Michael’s driver, Julio, had given her a glass of wine to drink in the limo on the way to the plane.


Ty Montgomery, a retired criminal defense attorney, knows there is more to the story than what Karen is telling him. He has already been delving into the details of her life while trying to find her during her lost week, and has learned that she is engaging in sexual arrangements for money with much older men she meets through adult dating websites.

Discovering that his youngest daughter is essentially a prostitute has been painful, but Ty is livid when he learns that she will never be able to have children of her own. Determined to find out who has done such a reprehensible thing and why, Ty embarks on an investigation that ultimately leads to a cold-blooded sociopath named Edward B. Arthur.

Arthur is the mastermind behind a plan to claim immense wealth and power while making medical history for discovering cures for diseases like diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and Parkinson’s disease. His cures involve transferring live fetal stem cells into diseased patients, and for that he requires a tremendous supply of human ova. Arthur has no hesitation about doing whatever it takes to achieve his vision, including hiring a “procurement team” to abduct women so their eggs may be stolen to supply the materials he needs. It does not concern him that Michael Jenkins, aka Eric Redding, is procuring women who have advertised themselves as available to exchange companionship and sex for money with older men, or that Eric’s driver, Julio Gonzales, drugs and rapes each woman before delivering her to the plane that will fly her to the surgical lab in Richmond, Virginia. He leaves such details to his partner, Demitri  Stavros, who does all the hiring and elimination of employees.

Stavros is a master of arranging accidental deaths, and this skill has proven useful to Arthur many times over the past few years. In fact, Stavros is currently engaged in arranging fatal accidents for all of the employees who have worked for Arthur during this phase of his plan, and he will soon arrange accidents for Eric Redding and Julio Gonzales, as well. Arthur is confident that all of the pieces of his plan are falling perfectly into place. But Arthur has some big surprises coming his way. He has not counted on the exceedingly organized, intelligent, and angry Tyler Montgomery, who will not rest in his pursuit of retribution until justice for his daughter and all of the others who have suffered at Arthur’s hands has been served.



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