Edward Brower Novels


Ordered Agenda

A Ty Montgomery Novel

Since the close of World War I, an invisible and silent Order has lurked in the shadows of world power. Since its inception, the Order had been composed of patriotic, influential, secretive, and mysterious individuals with greater power than any elected politicians. The absolute and total exercise of that power is now the only hope for the salvation of the free-enterprise system and the American dream, which has become a dreaded nightmare. Soon, the Order would no longer remain invisible or silent.

Following the mysterious disappearance of Bob Woods’s young niece, Montgomery gets involved in the efforts to find out what became of her, unveiling an intricate plot to rescue the US national future from those who have done everything in their power to ultimately destroy it.

Ty and associates are unknowingly drawn into the intrigue surrounding the US Attorney General and the powerful men who anonymously control the world’s economy

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